How to Connect My TP Link Smart Plug Switch to My Home Network?

TP link smart plug is a unique and excellent switch controlled by the Kasa app remotely. Moreover, if you like a smart home, this smart plug is meant for you. It has the unique feature to control all your smart devices, such as smart plugs, smart bulbs, and other smart home devices. Furthermore, the setup is done through the Kasa app, which is quick, easy, and efficient. With this smart plug, you can make sure whether your connected smart devices are “ON” or “OFF.” However, you can also control all your home devices via iOS and Android devices with this connection. Imagine how convenient it can get to turn the switches on your devices using this TP link smart plug.

Now, to connect the TP link smart plug to your smart home devices, you need to connect it stably to your home network. Therefore, we have laid precious steps for you to connect the smart to your home network properly. Moreover, before mentioning those steps, you can check out the features of this smart plug.

TP Link Smart Plug

Features of the TP Link Smart Plug

Tp link smart plug is a unique and user-friendly gadget that makes it convenient for everyone to control their home devices. Therefore, it reduces your hassle to schedule your connected devices using your smartphone. It has a lot of specifications which are mentioned below –

  • It lets you control all devices via the free Kasa app using your smartphone.
  • You can even use voice commands using the smart plug via Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana.
  • Even if you’re not at home, it’s easy for you to control or turn “ON” or “OFF” your devices at random intervals with the smart plug.
  • You have the option to check whether the devices are ON or OFF from anywhere from the Kasa app.
  • Use grouping to connect the smart plug to other Kasa Smart devices for smooth control with a single smartphone tap.
  • You can also take over your Kasa smart plug. Therefore, you can automatically switch ON or OFF while away from your home using the Kasa app.
  • There is no need for unnecessary equipment since it works with your existing wifi connection.
  • You can set countdowns, timers, or any ON/OFF schedules with the tp link smart plug anywhere and anytime.

After going through its features, we can start with the procedure to connect your smart plug to your home network. Therefore, if you were also asking How to connect my TP Link Smart Plug Switch to my home network, then it’s your lucky day.

Requirements to Connect the Smart Plug to your Home Network

Before connecting the TP link smart plug to your home network, you must know what you require. Therefore, here are the steps.

  • Download and install the Kasa app from Google Playstore or App store.
  • Thereafter, ensure that your smartphone is connected to your wifi network.
  • Please make sure to plug in your TP link smart plug into a power socket.

The Steps to Connect and Configure Smart Plus to the Home Network

  • Firstly, open the Kasa app and log in to your cloud account. Moreover, if you don’t have a cloud account, create a cloud account. Additionally, log in to the Kasa app with your cloud account.
  • Thereafter, you must add the smart plug to the Kasa app. To add a device, click on (+) and then “ADD A DEVICE.” Further, click on the “SMART PLUG.”
  • Next up, you need to follow the on-screen instructions on the Kasa app to turn on the home network.
  • Thereafter, you need to connect the phone with the smart plug wifi.
  • Further, easily connect the smart plug to the home network and provide a name to the smart plug.
  • Moreover, you can also customize an icon for this plug.
  • Now, to configure the advanced settings of this smart plug, you can just click on the smart plug icon.
  • To enter the device settings interface, click on the option named “SETTINGS” there.
  • In addition to this, you can click on the option “NAME AND ICON” to edit the name and icon of the smart plug.
  • Finally, to check any basic information about the smart plug, click on the “DEVICE INFO” option.

Now, you can easily and efficiently manage your smart home devices with the Kasa app. Therefore, follow these precise steps to enlighten yourself on How to connect my TP Link Smart Plug Switch to my home network.

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